Ningbo Hengyuan Dongqian Lake Hotel is situated by the picturesque Dongqian Lake in Ningbo, with the tranquil Two Spirits Peninsula as its resting place, nestled amidst the embrace of mountains and waters. With its verdant mountains and clear waters, it resembles a utopia away from the world's hustle and bustle. The hot spring water is sourced from natural geothermal springs on the Two Spirits Mountain. In addition to various themed outdoor hot springs, the resort area also features an indoor heated swimming pool, an indoor hot spring massage area, a children's water play area, and an indoor children's playground.


- Cost:$248000USD

- Construction period:3 month

- Volume:390m³

- Temperature:28℃

– Circulation Cycle: 4 hours

– Circulation Method: Mixed-flow mirror pool

Construction Contents: Pipeline system, circulation and filtration system, disinfection system, water quality monitoring system, heating system.