The Taiyun Fitness Center is located in Linhai City, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China. It features a swimming pool and various sports courts, gyms, and personal training areas. Within the swimming pool facility, there is a 50-meter standard swimming pool. The system engineering includes a quartz sand filtration system, a flow-splitting full-process ozone disinfection system, an air-source heat pump constant temperature system, and a three-in-one dehumidification system. The venue will be open to the public in the later stage.


– Size: 255 square meters

– Water Depth: 1.4 meters

– Circulation Cycle: 4 hours

– Circulation Volume: 95 cubic meters per hour

– Circulation Method: Mixed-flow mirror pool

Construction Contents: Pipeline system, circulation and filtration system, disinfection system, water quality monitoring system, heating system.