Water Monitor

Water Monitor

Our water quality testing device is a state-of-the-art tool designed to ensure the safety and purity of water in various applications. This device employs advanced technology and precise sensors to provide accurate and reliable measurements of key water quality parameters.

1.Major function: PH, ORP, Temperature, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine

2.Large Size Tough Screen, Remote Monitoring and Mobile APP Connection

3.Customized Water Quality Parameters(Dissolved Oxygen, TSS, MLSS, COD, Ammonia nitrogen etc.)


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Customizable Parameter Selection: Choose from 21 different monitoring parameters and 31 types of electrodes to suit your specific needs, with options for customization available.

Accurate Measurements: Provides real-time data on multiple water quality parameters, including PH, ORP, Temperature, Turbidity, Residual Chlorine and more.

Calibration Capabilities: Allows for sensor calibration to maintain measurement accuracy.

Water Quality Analyzer Product Parameters

Residual chlorine moduleORPTURBIDITY
Measured Parameters0.00-5.00mg/L                    0-1000mV0-20NTU
Measurement Range0.01-0.20mg/L:±0.02mg/L±1mV≤+2%6/+0.015
Measurement PeriodDrainage continuity measurement in real time
CommunicationRS485 Interface;MODBUS-RTU Communications Protocol
Environmental Requirements0-50℃;Moisture Content<80%
PowerEquipment overall input power AC220V


Ozone Generator

CATEGORY Sterilizer

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