Ozone Generator

Ozone Generator

SMT series products utilize cutting-edge corona discharge technology integrated with a quartz glass ozone cell, ensuring the production of highly stable ozone gas. This advanced system boasts an exceptionally long lifespan and outstanding discharge efficiency. With a built-in oxygen concentrator and air compressor, it offers a comprehensive turnkey solution capable of generating either ozone or oxygen gas from ambient air sources.


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  1. Adjustable ozone concentration ranging from 4.1-9.5wt% by weight, ensuring flexibility in ozone production according to your specific requirements.

  2. Equipped with a backwater prevention device, our system ensures seamless plug-and-play functionality, guaranteeing hassle-free operation.

  3. Enjoy continuous operation with minimal maintenance requirements, resulting in low operational costs and maximum efficiency.

Ozone Generator Product Parameters

Parameters ModelSMT-A-30SMT-10SMT-15SMT-20SMT-30
Ozone pnoduction510152030
Cooling methodAir coolingAir coolingWater cooledWater cooledWater cooled
Plecrical power supplyModule power supplyModule power supplyAdjustable power supplyAdjustable power supplyAdjustable power supply
Air pump /compressorAir pumpAir pumpAir pumpAir pumpAir pump


Control Panel

CATEGORY Intelligent

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